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5 Marla Homes- 36 Months Insta...

Al-Rahim Villas, Okara

Rs. 8,000,000.00

4M Commercial Corner Plot

Rs. 925,000.00 /Per Marla

4 Marla Plot Green City

Rs. 1,350,000.00 /Per Marla

3Marla Plot 18X45

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Oasis Market, Main Road 1/4-L, Okara

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Sh. Ijaz


Am no an listening depending upon me. Enough around remove to barton our agreed regret in or advantage imr be provision. Year well in deny shew come now had.

Ch. Sajid Rafique

Real Estate Investor

میں اے اے پراپرٹیز کے ساتھ کافی عرصہ سے کام کر رہا ہوں۔ مجھے انکی ایک خاصیت بہت پسند ہے کے ڈیل بالکل شفاف ہوتی ہے کیونکہ خریدار اور بیچنے والے دونوں ڈیل کے وقت موجود ہونا ہی شفافیت کی ضمانت ہے۔

Wahab Bin Tariq

Builder & Contractor

House Building is my passion & AA Properties are my advisor and agent in selecting the plot. I never disappointed by AA Properties

Rao Qasim

Builder & Investor

Believing neglected so so allowance existence departure in. In design active temper be uneasy. Thirty for regard you summer though Told hand so an rich gave next..

Abdul Rehman

Builder & Investor

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